Playing hockey is a fun and highly enjoyable experience. A thrilling, exciting, and fast paced sport, many individuals participate in hockey throughout Scotland.

Participating in hockey couldn’t be easier. Anyone of any age, gender or ability can play too – a team sport for all to enjoy.

Want to play?

For those who are new to hockey, learn the basics of hockey before you get started. Read about taking part in hockey competitions and the rules of the game too.

If you’re keen to start playing hockey, you’ll want to join a hockey club. You can search for a local team on the find a club page.

Ready to play?

You’ll need the kit and equipment required to participate in hockey. Here Scotland international Laura Swanson talks you through the essential kit to play hockey.

Want to learn new skills or improve performance?

For both aspiring and current players, learn about how you can develop as a hockey player with information from our BRAVE Performance Blueprint or modified games (Fun Fours, Super Sixes and Eights). Contact your local RDM for more details.

For young hockey players, there are youth camps happening in Scotland that can help boost your hockey skills.

Play safe

Parents will want to ensure that their children take part in hockey within a safe and secure environment. Find out about our safeguarding and child protection policies.

When you play hockey, we’ll also provide you with personal insurance cover as part of your Scottish Hockey membership. Read our insurance FAQ HERE.

Want to know more?
Are you interested in becoming a player?
Are you a parent who wants more information?

Explore the resources and info in this section, or contact us for more information about playing hockey in Scotland.