Rules updates

District Umpire Convenors will arrange updates on the rules of hockey at the beginning of every season and this usually allows umpires to discuss interpretations of rules, share practical examples and work together to create consistency for the season ahead.

Individual Districts should advertise details of these through their communication channels, such as website, Facebook or direct emails to clubs.





Professional Development

Good umpires communicate their decisions clearly and consistently. When communicating decisions, they will appear to be in control, calm and confident, ARE YOU?

Register for Hockey Hub and try out the Decision Communication module and you can complete a test, which will provide a certificate of completion.  The module is accessible to everyone but will be most useful to beginner umpires.  Those of you who have been umpiring for sometime may wish to refresh.

Umpiring Stick Tackles, Umpiring Foul Play, Umpiring the Aerial Ball and Umpiring Attacking Free Hits. Your learning in each section will be helped with a series of video clips that will illustrate key points. At the end of the module, you will be asked a series of questions and when you have answered them successfully, you will be able to download your certificate of awareness. Completion of this module should take about 30 minutes.