Scottish Hockey: inspiring involvement in hockey – the fun, friendly and exciting sport for life.

Hockey is a tremendous sport that is fun to play, exciting to watch, and its friendly community is rewarding to be part of. It is a sport that has a place for everyone, whether as a player, official, fan or volunteer.

We passionately believe in the benefits that hockey can bring to both individuals and groups, and we aspire to increase the number of people participating in hockey at all levels of the sport in Scotland.

Scottish Hockey employs a small team of dedicated and talented individuals to work in partnership with important stakeholders including:

  • Members (players, coaches, officials)
  • Member Clubs, Schools and Universities/Colleges
  • District Associations
  • Funding and Sporting Partners
  • Government and Local Authorities
  • Volunteers

Together we develop and deliver a sport that is growing fast, welcoming to all, and offers so many opportunities to enjoy the community and activity that makes hockey a sport for life.