This year, as part of our 10-year vision to Reset, Build & Excel our sport into a professional, commercially sustainable, visible, diverse and world class governing body, we have conducted a governance Reset. To Excel in participation, inclusion and wellbeing we must create a sport that appeals to all. To do so, we will focus on organisational culture change, getting the right people in the right places and doing the basics better. Only through a One Team culture can we realise our vision.

A key tool in delivering these objectives will be our newly-created, first-ever People Committee. People are at the centre of everything we do, now and into the future. The People committee will ensure a world class One Team culture to create a welcoming sport that everyone can enjoy.  This committee will report and make recommendations to the board on all people-related issues, including staff, volunteers and officials with a focus on wellbeing, equality, diversity and Inclusion. They will drive policy and practice which support the  wellbeing, professional development and remuneration of our staff and wider hockey community.

The committee will comprise board members and external experts who bring expertise across these key topics.  It will be led by our Vice Chair, Justine Westwood, who will be joined by board director Karin Mckenny.  We are also delighted to share that they will be joined by Anne-Marie Garner, VP of Corporate Strategy at Therme Group; and Arnie Sathiy, Head of Business Development at Mara Seaweed.


Scottish Hockey – People Committee Terms of Reference


Anne Marie Garner
Anne-Marie is VP of Corporate Strategy at Therme Group where she is responsible for the consistent approach of projects and the roll out of strategy around the group. She also leads on Therme Scotland.  She has over 20 years’ experience as a Legal Director including at Therme Group, Johnson Matthey Plc and at the Raspberry Pi Group where she led award winning legal teams. Anne Marie has a particular interest in driving inclusive culture within organisations and during her time at Johnson Matthey Plc she led the Global D&I Function. She was also recently appointed as an Independent Director of GB Hockey, ensuring she is up to speed on all matters relating to hockey.



Arnie Sathiy

Arnie is Cofounder & Director of Business Development for the emerging superfood brands managed by Seaweed Enterprises, developing a climate positive crop for global mass-market consumption, tackling challenges such as salt substitution to methane reduction in cattle. He brings 20 years experience in both executive recruitment and sports management with a particular focus on process improvement and organisational design.

A fairly decent striker some 25+ years ago for Edinburgh OTC & Army Scotland he returned to Inverleith Hockey Club in his mid 30s where he eventually became Men’s Club President. He continues to umpire at National League level. A father of one son, and married to a his French Accountant wife Noël, Arnie remains an average golfer, better swimmer and on his day (now long gone) a belligerent top order batsman for Eastern Premier League cricket side, Royal High Corstorphine.


Hana Nasser

Hana is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist (in training). She has been supporting the Scotland Aspiring girls team for the past 4 years as well as currently working with a professional football team in England.

Hana was in the 2nd year of the Lead the Way Programme and has experience on a number of committees, including for Watsonians Hockey Club as well as the EDI working group for Scottish Sport Futures.

She’s passionate about removing barriers for participation in all sports as well as promoting mental health awareness.


Second Meeting of the People Committee – 13th December 2022.

The second meeting of the People Committee was chaired by Justine Westwood, with Karin McKenny, Anne-Marie Garner and Arnie Sathiy in attendance. Mark Adamoulas was also welcomed as a new Committee member. A brief biography will shortly be put on the website.  The focus of this meeting was on :

  • A review of the terms of reference for the Nominations Committee – an updated version is being drafted;
  • A progress update of our review of the Safeguarding and Child Protection policy;
  • Board Independent Non-Executive Director Recruitment


Inaugural Meeting of the People Committee – 25th October 2022.

The first meeting of the People Committee was chaired by Justine Westwood, with Karin McKenny, Anne-Marie Garner and Arnie Sathiy in attendance. The focus of the first meeting was on agreeing the key topics that the Committee will focus on over the forthcoming months and the creation of a standard agenda. In addition, the Committee Terms of Reference were finalised and subsequently approved by the Board. Key priorities will include:

  • A review of the Safeguarding and Child Protection policy; and the provision of a Safeguarding and Child Protection report for each Committee meeting;
  • A recommended approach to the findings of the Changing the Boundaries Report;
  • A review of our EDI policies;
  • The need for a Wellbeing Strategy which will flow from the forthcoming new overall Strategy;
  • Board Independent Director Recruitment; Board Member Induction and Appraisal/Effectiveness process.