An Umpire Level 1 is the first stage in completing your umpire qualification and with some practice and possible umpire coaching you will complete. Those attending an Umpire Level 1 course should have completed the rules test and bring the certificate with them.

Level 1 Umpire Qualification

For potential or trainee umpires over the age of 14, you will be required to attend an Umpire Level 1 course to get you started and learn the practical umpiring elements.

You will be required to:

  • Complete the online rules test on Hockey Hub.
  • Attend either an Umpire Level 1 course (6 hours on course learning) where you will discuss and practice umpiring or online theory (2 hours) where you will discuss umpiring.  Details of dates, times and venues will come from the District Convenor (locally) or Nationally on the Scottish Hockey events webpage.
  • Practice umpiring within your club at training or friendly games.


Contact a relevant District Convenor to attend the practical session (2 hours) and then undertake your practical umpire test.

North – [email protected]

Midland – [email protected]

East – [email protected]

West – [email protected]


Individuals have 18 months to complete the qualification.