To help support umpires, Scottish Hockey, in partnership with Great Britain Hockey, have developed an online resource site.

The Hockey Hub is a one-stop shop, packed full of useful resources. Whether you umpire or coach, there is relevant content available to suit everyone. The Hockey Hub is a free resource and once registered, you will be able to gain access to video footage and online questions to enhance your knowledge and understanding of varying apsects.


  • Decision Communication module and you can complete a test, which will provide a certificate of completion.  The module is accessible to everyone but will be most useful to beginner umpires and those of you who have been umpiring for sometime may wish to refresh
  • You’re the Umpire.  Have a look at the video clip and then decide what you would give and the reason for it or read through everyone else’s answers
  • Umpiring the Aerial Ball and Umpiring Attacking Free Hits. Your learning in each section will be helped with a series of video clips that will illustrate key points. At the end of the module, you will be asked a series of questions and when you have answered them successfully, you will be able to download your certificate of awareness. Completion of this module should take about 30 minutes.


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