If you are a current umpire and want to upgrade your qualification we can help you do that.

You should download and read through the following documents in preparation for upgrading your current umpire qualification:

Level 1 Umpire Qualification

For those who hold a Youth Umpire Award or beginner umpires over the age of 14 who wish to umpire 11-a-side hockey matches.  You will be required to attend an Umpire Level 1 course to get you started and learn the practical umpiring elements.  Costs for this are £50 which provides you with a workbook, whistle, cards and a t-shirt.

You will be required to:

  • Complete the online rules test. The link will send you to register for Hockey Hub.
  • Attend an Umpire Level 1 course (6 hours on course learning) where you will discuss and practice umpiring.  Details of dates, times and venues from the District Convener.
  • Practice umpiring within your club at training or friendly games
  • Apply for an assessment via your District Umpire Convener

Individuals have 18 months to complete the qualification


‘B’ Badge Umpire Qualification

For umpires who hold a old ‘C’ Badge or Umpire Level 1 and have experience of officiating senior matches.  To start working towards your ‘B’ Badge Qualification, you will be required to:

  • Contact a District Convenor to express an interest in undertaking the qualification.
  • Undertake two practical tests with an officials panel in district, regional or lower national league level.


‘A’ Badge Umpire Qualification

For ‘B’ Badge umpires who have held their qualification for 1 year and regularly umpire matches, you can progress to your ‘A’ Badge Umpire Qualification.

To successfully qualify, you will be required to:

  • Complete three successful practical tests at a national or international level e.g. National League Division 1 or International games.


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