A hockey umpire has the authority to make decisions during a match in accordance with the laws of the game. Each hockey match is controlled by two umpires.

If you would like to find out about becoming a hockey umpire, we have a number of Umpire Qualifications that you can undertake.

Umpires Manager

An Umpires Manager plays an important role in the successful management and coaching of umpire performances. They are responsible for providing information to the umpires about game schedules during competitions.

They will also analyse umpire performances and provide constructive feedback to umpires so they can continue to progress and improve.

Umpire Coach

An experienced umpire, you’ll support and develop inexperienced umpires to improve their performance. It would be great for umpire development if there was an umpire coach within each club.


A Judge works with the technical officials and be responsible for timing of games and keep track of goal scorers, substitutions and any cards issued.

Technical Officials

Reporting to the Technical Director, you’ll manage the judges and check facilities are suitable for playing hockey. As Technical Official, you’ll also ensure all team lists have been completed correctly before the game.

Tournament Director

As a Tournament Director, you are in control of a hockey tournament and have responsibility for working with the organising committee to ensure all arrangements have been made and the tournament runs smoothly.

Want to know a bit more first?  Detailed officiating job descriptions are available on FIH’s website.

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