We recognise that coaching is a complex endeavour, with many dynamic and interacting factors that influence its effectiveness. We also recognise that high quality coaching is a fundamental cornerstone of building a successful and sustainable performance system.

As a result, we will invest greater time and resources in developing our talent and performance coaching workforce, helping support them to further accelerate the development of our best and aspiring best athletes. Our aim is to make best coaching practice common practice throughout Scottish Hockey’s performance pathways.

We will do this by developing a clear set of shared priorities, which will help our coaches to work more efficiently together and maximise the effectiveness of the Scottish coaching system.

While the BRAVE blueprint has been designed for Scotland, it is important to recognise our ongoing commitment to the Great Britain Coaching and Talent Development Frameworks.

Our priorities are designed to complement the excellent coach development practise being delivered across the GB coaching community. How we coach will outline key principles and priorities, within a Scottish context, that are integral to and consistent with the Brave Blueprint. This will allow us to increasingly provide clear and consistent messages and methods for our athletes – and to create environments which will support the development of skills and behaviours that will enable our athletes to excel at the highest level.

Download the Brave Performance Blueprint

Key Coaching Domains and BRAVE Coaching Priorities

In order to make best practice common practice, we will support coaches to develop their approach across hockey’s four key coaching domains. This will help coaches build effective relationships, create positive environments, continuously develop their hockey knowledge, while understanding themselves and committing to their own development. We have also identified a number of coaching priorities that will maximise the development of the coaching system – and allow us to develop and support our athletes to excel on the world stage.