BRAVE – Winning Teams and Podium Athletes

The rationale for the development of the Scottish Hockey BRAVE Performance Blueprint is clear and simple; to support the development of successful Scotland hockey teams and GB athletes with medal winning potential. Through the blueprint we will build on the good work already being done across the country to support our hockey athletes – and create a performance system that brings consistent international success for Scotland. Download the Brave Performance Blueprint  

Our long-term vision and measures for consistent international success

• Scotland teams playing in FIH World Cups.

• Scotland teams competing for medals at Commonwealth Games

• Scotland senior and junior teams regularly competing in EHF European A Division (Top 6 in Europe).

• A high representation of Scottish athletes in GB programmes (10% rising to 20%).


The BRAVE blueprint is designed to clearly articulate a distinct Scottish playing philosophy and principles – and to establish a culture of excellence for hockey in Scotland that is based on our values and characteristics. Download the BRAVE Performance Blueprint 

BRAVE – The Four Key Elements

In order to deliver consistent and sustainable success on the world stage, we have identified four elements that are key to the success of the blueprint. These relate directly to our characteristics and culture as a nation, the style of hockey we wish to play, how we optimise athlete development, and our priorities for delivering quality coaching to support our best athletes.

BRAVE – Next Steps on the Journey

The BRAVE Performance Blueprint has been designed to be a living document that supports how we as a country choose to develop our talented and high performing athletes.

It will continue to evolve and develop over time as the game at international level requires – and we will endeavour to be proactive and anticipate changes before they happen and use our agility to adapt quickly to required changes in approach.

BRAVE presents a real opportunity for us to share our philosophy and principles, explore the thinking and research which underpins the creation of the blueprint, and work together with coaches, managers, sports science practitioners, athletes and parents to align and maximise athlete development for the benefit of all.

This is also underpinned by our strong national values, characteristics and collective beliefs. It is our intention to bring the BRAVE blueprint to life in a number of ways and we look forward to engaging with all involved in athlete development, to help Scotland’s hockey teams fulfil our potential on the international stage.

Download the Brave Performance Blueprint