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Scottish Hockey joins the Period Positive movement to advocate Female Athlete Health in an exciting new partnership with FabLittleBag

Scottish Hockey has committed to positively addressing period stigma by ensuring that period products are easily and readily accessible to its Performance and Brave Academy athletes with FabLittleBag‘s Coach’s Bag. The Coach’s Bag also helps to educate and aid easy, hygienic and confident disposal of used products, regardless of the condition of facilities.  Confidence around management of periods lies at the heart of the FabLittleBag initiative.

Scottish Hockey intends to provide a long-term commitment to continue to identify challenges faced by female athletes, addressing areas such as inclusive clothing, breast health, and now highlighting the importance of access to period products and menstrual health. 

Martha Silcott, CEO & Founder of FabLittleBag, commented, ‘‘We are delighted and proud to announce that Scottish Hockey has joined our #PeriodPositive movement in sport to ensure that periods are not a barrier to participation. By equipping their coaches with our FabLittleBag Coach’s Bags easy access to period products and their confident disposal, is now normal for the female Scottish Hockey teams. It has been great working with Barry Cawte, CEO, and Keith Macleod, Hockey Engagement Manager, who both enthusiastically embraced this positive change.’’   

Scottish Hockey and FabLittleBag share a commitment to reduce the barriers to participation in sport and exercise, educating and empowering our members, and creating a period positive culture in our sport. Since 2018, Scotland has led the world in tackling gender inequality and reducing the stigma of periods by increasing the availability of free period products2. Working with FabLittleBag, Scottish Hockey coaches will be equipped with their Coach’s Eco Bag, filled with organic pads, organic tampons, and the original FabLittleBags. 

“Our new partnership with FabLittleBag is another important initiative in our commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion. It is our vision to build a culture where everyone can thrive, feel comfortable and enjoy our sport. We are very thankful to have FabLittleBag as a partner, and we are very excited about the potential impact that this partnership can have across our hockey community” noted Barry Cawte, Chief Executive Officer  

The formation of Scottish Hockey’s Women and Girls Working Group will offer the space to address further challenges faced by its female membership and engaging FabLittleBag is among many innovative steps the sport is taking to advocate female athlete health and install the fundamental elements to make playing hockey fun, comfortable, and fabulous experience.  



Keith Macleod
Hockey Engagement Manager

[email protected]

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