Our partners at Fantastic Fanatics have created a fundraising platform that delivers new revenue streams to clubs by allowing people to generate commission from retailers that go straight to the clubs of their choice.

The club gets paid whenever its fans and members shop, eat out, book hotels and lots more.

Scottish Hockey launched a trial of the service last year in the north and now clubs across Scotland have the opportunity to sign up and have their fans and members fundraise for their club every time they make a purchase from one of Fantastic Fanatics retail partners.



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    More Info

    Supporters can sign up for a free account at https://fantasticfanatics.com/.

    A helpful “how it works” page https://fantasticfanatics.com/how-it-works/ gives important information for clubs and fans, and there is an extensive FAQ and support page https://fantasticfanatics.freshdesk.com/support/home