‘Gold Club’ status, is currently closed to new applications. Clubs that hold Gold status will retain this for season 2023/24.
Please contact your Scottish Hockey Regional Manager for further details.


Gold Accreditation is designed to support clubs that are at the heart of their community.

Clear Direction: The club has a shared vision inclusive of all members so that the entire club is pulling in the same direction.

Partnerships Working: The club develops strong relationships with partners to support and enhance the great work the club is doing.

Developing People: The club has a structured ongoing approach to work with key volunteers to enhance their skills and make them feel valued and part of something special.

Delivering on Promises: Following a plan of action to strengthen the club and deliver results to the benefit of its members on and off the field.

At the Heart of the Community: The club is highly active in the community. It identifies the needs of the community in which it is part of and tailors the sport accordingly in an inclusive way to make hockey a sport for all.


Pre-requisite:  Silver Accredited for 1 year prior to applying 

Actively put into place all of the following to become a gold accredited club:

Club Mission / Vision Statement 
– Describe the clubs reason for being / Where do you want to get to?
Ongoing Engagement with Regional Development Manager (RDM) 
– Utilise the support of your RDM to develop your club further
Ongoing Engagement with further Scottish Hockey departments 
Club delivering their own Community of Practice sessions 
  • A Community of Practice is where people come together around a shared passion, interest or problem to improve knowledge and expertise through ongoing interaction with each other. The club should organise opportunities where club coaches or volunteers involved in delivering hockey, can discuss specific coaching related topics in more detail.
Evidence of objectives met within club action plan / development plan and an ongoing plan in place.
– Develop your clubs development plan to be actively used as a tool to drive positive change in your club?
Provide 2 examples of best practice within the club, either on field or off field activity 
– What is it that you do to be recognised as a Gold Standard club? Share the great work you are doing with the wider hockey community.

Provide 1 example from the following 3 areas of club development:

Implementation of Player Pathway within club youth structure 
– Improving the hockey experience with a fun start to hockey: more people, more stages, more often – give young people a route to maximise their potential in hockey and build the infrastructure around them.
Implementation of a version of Active Lifestyle Hockey 
– Support people to keep an active lifestyle regardless of age, health and ability, as well as getting those back into hockey who had to stop due to injuries or other reasons. E.G. –  – Walking Hockey, Back to Hockey, Flyerz Hockey.
– Register free of charge with Hockey Hub to find out more:
Implementing a Changing Lives approach based on the needs of the community.
– Use sport and physical activity as a driver to achieve positive individual and community change.
– Bring about positive changes beyond participation and impact positively on the health and well being of individuals.


Gold Accreditation is currently closed to new applications

For further information, please contact your local Regional Manager.