With regular changes and development in Scottish Government and sportscotland advice, this dedicated Covid-19 website section will update on all the latest information regarding Covid-19 and its impact on hockey.

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Protection Levels

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Beyond Level 0 

Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Read and follow general guidance.

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Indoor Covid guidance 21.22 – guidance update (04/12/21)

Beyond Level 0 Guidance – guidance update (10/08/21)

Covid-19 guidance 19 July 2021 – guidance update (19/07/21)

Covid-19 guidance 17 May 2021 – guidance update (14/05/21)

Covid-19 guidance 26 April 2021 – guidance update (22/04/21)

Coronavirus Protection Levels – Guidance update – Scottish Hockey has developed a framework aligned to the Scottish Government’s protection levels for its clubs and members (02/11/2020)

Updated Return to Sport and Physical Activity Guidance – (01/12/20)

Covid-19 Checklist A checklist for everyone to make sure you stay safe during activity. (Updated 28/08/20)

Return to Play Umpire Guidance – Specific guidance for umpires to accompany Return to Play and Phase 3 guidance.

Online Meetings GuidanceDocument with information to help people stay safe in online meetings

Two metre distance signageDownloadable signage that can be used in facilities.

Wash your hands signageDownloadable signage that can be used in facilities.

No spectators signageDownloadable no spectators poster signage that can be used in facilities. (added 29/09/20)

Wear a face covering signage – Downloadable signage that can be used in facilities. (Updated 10/07/20)

Covid-19 Secure Club Checklist – Checklist to make sure you facility is ready to open safely.

Phase 3 Coaching Guidance  – sportscotland guidance to help coaches prepare for return to exercise and outdoor sport. (Updated 10/08/20)

Phase 3 Planning for a Restart to Hockey Training This document outlines what clubs may need to consider in terms of planning to recommence hockey activity at local facilities, as well as useful links which can support the planning process.  This document will continue to be updated as further information is made available from the Scottish Government. (Updated 10/07/20)

Covid Officer – Guidance for the Covid Officer role.

Phase 3 Pitch Zones – This document outlines the zones for U12; U18 and adult players.

Club Cost Calculator – This editable excel spreadsheet is designed as a simple budgeting tool for clubs, to support with financial planning and forecasting.  Sample data has been included which can replaced with club specific data to suit requirements.

Children and young people returning to sportsportscotland developed a briefing about children and young people transitioning back into sport and some of the things that clubs and the sports workforce might want to be thinking about from a child wellbeing and protection perspective.

Game play for 3-8 players – This document outlines games that can be played by 3-8 people in line with Scottish Government guidelines.

Physical activity and mental health – Mind offers a range of resources and engagement opportunities for sports organisations who wish to do more around mental health.

Mind Return to Play Guidance – Mental health guidance from Mind for clubs on returning to play.

Mental Health guidance for individuals – Mental health guidance from Mind for individuals returning to play.

Mind e-learning course – A free ‘mental health awareness for sport eLearning module available until 31 August.

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Club Pledge

During the Covid-19 lockdown Scottish Hockey launched its Club Pledge initiative to help maintain club togetherness and community.

Find out more about Club Pledge HERE.



22 April 2021: Covid-19 guidance 26 April 2021

16 April 2021: General guidance update

01 April 2021: General guidance update

12 March 2021: General guidance update

06 January 2021: Coronavirus Protection Levels Update

02 November: Coronavirus Protection Levels 

8 October: Central Belt FAQ

29 September: Scottish Hockey competitive activity update

29 September: Letter on spectators at training and matches

23 September: Phase 3 guidance updated

11 September: Advice for umpires

2 September: Joint statement from the Scottish Governing Bodies Forum

24 August: Updated guidance and indicative dates for return to competition

20 August: Covid-19 Phase 3 update statement

10 August: Phase 3 guidance updated

3 August: Scottish Governing bodies collaborative approach during COVID-19 crisis

15 July: Management Committee proposal for season 2020/21 approved by clubs

10 July: Phase 3 guidance published

10 July: Proposed Road Map Deadline Extended

10 July: Inter District competitions update

3 July: Proposal for season 2020/21

29 June: Joint Statement from Scottish Hockey President and Chair of Scottish Hockey

24 June: Message to Scottish Hockey Trustees from Scottish Hockey Board of Directors

23 June: International hockey programme cancelled for summer 2020

22 June: Phase 2 guidance published

19 June: Task force established

17 June: Covid-19: extension of exercise guidelines

12 June: League season 2019/20 is now completed

28 May: Phase 1 Guidance 

25 May: Hamish’s Club Pledge tour of Scotland

1 May: Schools’ Cups Completed

29 April: Covid-19 update April 2020

17 April: Scottish Hockey AGM moved to September

10 April: District hockey leagues declared null and void for season 2019/20

2 April: U14 Inter-District cancelled

30 March: Covid_19 update – 30/03/2020

17 March: Further Update on COVID-19

13 March: Update on COVID-19

12 March: COVID-19 advice