EuroHockey Championship II workshops

These workshops are aimed at club umpires, whether new or experienced.  Spend a little time observing other people umpire and discuss what you see with other club umpires to help network and prepare for next season.

On Sunday 6th August from 1pm – 4pm approx. Aileen Ross, FIH Umpire Manager will lead the workshop centred around observing the Czech Republic v Wales game.

Aileen Ross


On Tuesday 8th August from 6pm – 8pm approx. Ian Diamond, FIH Umpire will lead the workshop centred around observing the Scotland v Portugal game.

Ian Diamond


Both workshops will focus on 3 main areas, recognition of fouls, player management and signalling.

The cost is £25.00 if you wish to attend both workshops.  This provides you with a season ticket for the tournament.  If you are only able to attend 1 workshop the cost is £12.00 but gives you a day ticket.

Please email coaching to register your interest and reserve a place on the workshops.



All District Convenors and/or Committees plan Umpire Education sessions and Development Workshops throughout the season to help umpires develop their skills and improve their performances.

An Umpire Level 1 is the first stage in completing your umpire qualification and with some practice and possible umpire coaching you will complete. Those attending an Umpire Level 1 course should have completed the rules test and bring the certificate with them.

If you are interested in hosting a course at your club or would like an umpire to be assessed, then please contact us.


East District

Umpire Level 1 courses are in the planning stages at the moment for season 2017/18 and will be advertised on East District website.  Contact Duncan Service to register your interest.


North District

Umpire Level 1 dates will be advertised in the area via Clubs.


West District

A calendar will be created for the area and distributed on WDUA Facebook page.


Midland District

Umpire Level 1 courses will be delivered in 2017/18 season.  Watch this space for further details.

Professional Development

Good umpires communicate their decisions clearly and consistently. When communicating decisions, they will appear to be in control, calm and confident, ARE YOU?

Register for Hockey Hub and try out the Decision Communication module and you can complete a test, which will provide a certificate of completion.  The module is accessible to everyone but will be most useful to beginner umpires.  Those of you who have been umpiring for sometime may wish to refresh.


You're the Umpire. Have a look at the video clip and then decide what you would give and the reason for it or read through everyone else's answers.


Umpirjng Stick Tackles, Umpiring Foul Play, Umpiring the Aerial Ball and Umpiring Attacking Free Hits. Your learning in each section will be helped with a series of video clips that will illustrate key points. At the end of the module, you will be asked a series of questions and when you have answered them successfully, you will be able to download your certificate of awareness. Completion of this module should take about 30 minutes


Club Umpire Developer training

After completing the training, as a developer you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the Umpire Developer
  • Understand the key skills and knowledge required of an umpire developer
  • Understand the pre, during and post match requirements of an umpire developer
  • Recognise what good umpiring looks like
  • Be able to provide effective verbal feedback
  • Be familiar with the club umpire feedback form