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Umpire Education Changes

The Umpire Level 1 course has been introduced for aspiring and trainee umpires to replace the Scottish Hockey ‘C’ Badge qualification.  Those who have completed ‘C’ Badge will continue to be recognised as a qualified umpire*.


The Umpire Level 1 course will introduce individuals to the Rules of Hockey and present attendees with opportunities to discuss and practice umpiring with experienced and qualified tutors.


There are four learning elements to the Level 1 umpiring course:

  • Study the Rules of Hockey and complete an online rules test.
  • Attend an Umpire Level 1 course (5 hours on course learning) where you will discuss and practice umpiring with a supporting tutor.
  • Practice umpiring within your club at training or friendly games.
  • Contact a relevant District Convenor to undertake your practical umpire test.

The course content is separated into 5 modules:

  1. The Game from the Players’ Perspective
  2. The Role of the Umpire
  3. Umpiring Set Plays
  4. Player Management
  5. Preparation and Planning the Next Steps


The benefits to individuals include education about how to umpire, support attendees to put theory into practice and increase confidence to umpire and continue to learn.


A number of Umpire Level 1 courses have been delivered already this season, generating positive feedback from attendees who have undertaken the course or used it as a refresher:

“A useful course. Thought it was better than previous craft night approach and was very successful”

“Compared to craft night, this is a much better introduction to umpiring. This course looked much more widely at the role of an umpire. Craft night was delivered as though you had a previous knowledge of umpiring.”

“I enjoyed putting theory into practice and having the opportunity to discuss decisions and alternatives. I feel that I have a much better understanding of the rules.”

“I felt the course was a great way to start learning to be an umpire. I am a visual person so going outside onto the pitch really benefitted me. It suited me more than the old theory test.

“A very beneficial course. Thoroughly enjoyable.”


The District Umpires’ Committees across Scotland will arrange a calendar each year of Umpire Level 1 courses therefore please contact your District Convenor for more information about Umpire Level 1 courses.


*For individuals who have previously attended a ‘C’ Badge Craft Night and passed the theory paper prior to July 2015 but were never assessed, you need to apply to your District Convenor for a practical assessment to complete the C Badge qualification during season 2015/16.