Hockey is a sport that is reliant on the availability of facilities. Pitches and social facilities are expensive and their development is at a premium. Therefore, there is a need to prioritise their development and use to maximise the benefit to hockey.

National Facilities Strategy

The National Facilities Strategy was first completed in 2007.

The National Facilities Strategy is used to advise sportscotland and Local Authorities in the placement and maintenance of facilities across the country.

Since then, there have been a number of changes that have occurred in the provision of facilities across the country. It was therefore updated in 2009.

The strategy is divided into seven parts:

  1. The Executive Summary provides an overview of the strategy and provides an outline of the main points within the strategy.
  2. The Scottish Hockey Facility Strategy details the background to development of the strategy, an analysis of the current situation, recommendations for both indoor and outdoor facilities and an implementation plan.
  3. The Local Facility Guide provides guidance for the development of local facilities, usually at a school, club or sports centre.
  4. 2009 Review - Appendix A provides an update to the strategy.
  5. Pitch Dimensions - Appendix B displays information on pitch size required for indoor and outdoor hockey.
  6. Long Pile Turf - Appendix C provides information on Long Pile Turf and Third Generation (3G) pitches.
  7. Bellahouston's Current Demand - Appendix D details the usage of Bellahouston's facilities.

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The International Hockey Federation website has further information and guidelines on facilities and equipment.


If you would like further information, please contact us.