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This policy provides Travel Cover for all Directors and Employees and Members travelling under the auspices of 'The Scottish Hockey Union' and as declared to the Underwriters.

Cover is provided for trips outside of the UK, or within the UK if such trips involve air travel or an overnight stay.

The period of travel operates from the time of leaving home, or place of employment (whichever is the later), during the whole time away, until return to home or place of employment (whichever is the earlier).

Additional Benefits

  • Spouses and Dependant Children automatically covered when accompanying insured persons on overseas business trips.
  • War and Terrorism covered, provided insured person is not travelling to a place known to be in a state of unrest or in the UK.


  • Maximum duration for any one trip is 6 months
  • A £50.00 excess each and every loss will apply

This summary is based on Scottish Hockey's Group Business Travel Policy - Certificate Number NBT80402/2006

For full details of the Scottish Hockey Employees Travel Insurance please contact us

Making a Claim

If you believe you may be entitled to a claim, please visit the One Claims website.

Download the relevant form on the One Claims website and return to:

Insurance Claim Form
Scottish Hockey
Glasgow National Hockey Centre
8 King's Drive
G40 1HB

Note that it is a standard condition that all insurance claims must be made at the earliest available opportunity, and that failure to do so could put the claim in jeopardy.