Entry: Competition Entry opens in May and Closes the first week of June. Fixtures are then issued in July for the following season

Fixtures: All leagues can be found on Fixtureslive. How to use fixtureslive can be found at this link /competitions/using-fixtureslive.aspx

Named 9s: All teams must submit a named 9, this prevents teams loading teams at specific points in the season. These are submitted before the season starts using the CORE membership system (rules section 2.5)

Transfers: Are completed on the Core Membership system, must be approved by 1pm on Thursday to allow the player to take to the field on the weekend (rules section 2.8). Players from Non Scottish Clubs must also submit a No Objection certificate (rules section 2.3)

Rescheduling: Matches must be rearranged in line with rules section 5, and must be approved by the Competitions team. In General, games in first half of the season must be played in the first half of the season. Games in the second half of the season must take place prior to the original fixture date.

Match Report forms: after completing your game a completed MRF should be submitted to within 2 days.


Red Cards: If you receive a red card you are automatically banned. A Red 2 is 2 matches, a red 1 ban is determined by a discipline committee.

4 Yellows: If you receive 4 Yellows in 12 months you are automatically banned for 2 matches.

Complaints: To lodge a complaint it must be submitted to the CEO in writing.

Keep a track on suspensions here: /competitions/disciplinary--sanctions.aspx

Sanctions: Failing to fulfil fixtures can lead to monetary and point deductions for clubs.

Umpiring: Teams need to have 1 umpire available per team to travel nationally to fulfil appointments made by the Mens and Womens committee. If you are having trouble with the appointments contact or

Umpire Expenses: Umpires can claim their travel to and from games where they are appointed on the appointments system. To claim fill in the form (/competitions/competition-rules--forms.aspx) and submit by the deadline. You cant claim for more than 3 months in the past and must submit receipts.


Havent found an answer? You can contact a member of the Competitions staff by emailing