sportscotland's 'Coaching Scotland' strategy provides hockey with a variety of aims for the future development of coaches.

This strategy dovetails the UK Coaching Framework (UKCF), which sets out to guide a number of British sports, including hockey, in the establishment of a world leading coaching system by 2016.

As a result, the 'Hockey Coaching Strategy Group for Great Britain' was set up as a partnership between Scottish Hockey, England Hockey, and the Welsh Hockey Union to help achieve this vision.

Hockey has been selected as 1 of 5 sports (Squash, Rugby Union, Cricket and Swimming) to be involved as a UK Coaching Framework Trailblazer Sport by sportscoach UK. This is in conjunction with the four Home Country Sports Councils (sportscotland, Sport England, Sports Council for Wales, Sport Northern Ireland).

Hockey will play a leading role in shaping the future coaching landscape in Great Britain by being involved with the other trailblazer sports and assisting sports in the second phase of the UK Coaching Framework.

Trailblazer status will provide accelerated development opportunities in coaching and offers increased resources to achieve being part of a World Class Coaching System.

The UKCF will promote coaching across Great Britain and focus work to achieve all targets by 2016, and in particular to:

  • Professionalise coaching through UKCC qualifications and continuous professional development opportunities
  • Support the employment and deployment of coaches from grass roots to elite level pathways.
  • Make clear the coaching pathway to sit alongside the player pathway and integrate long term development plans.
  • Enable each Home Nation's priorities to be taken into consideration for implementation of the UKCF.

The Hockey Coaching Strategy Group for Great Britain is formed of Chief Executives, Directors and Coaching Managers from England Hockey, Scottish Hockey and Welsh Hockey, reflecting the high level of commitment from all three organisations to work together in partnership for the future good of coaching across Great Britain.

UKCF Benefits:

  • Potential and current coaches will know what is expected of them in relation to their skills, knowledge and delivery but also the training opportunities that are available to them and what they can eventually achieve in the chosen pathway.
  • Schools and Clubs are main employers of coaches and from this framework will be able to select the correct coaches for the player's age, experience and competition level by using the UKCF to understand what job descriptions and job specifications they should be using before employing individuals.

The three home nations are able to use research carried out to identify priority areas for development and work out the needs of certain areas or individual coaches on each level of the player pathway to provide support.

It also allows the targeting of the Coach Education Workforce to deliver and assess qualifications and training.