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Be reassured that our support and guidance for coaches doesn't stop when you complete a course or finish a workshop too.

We also have a number of excellent and highly useful coaching resources to help you continue building and shaping your coaching career.

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Tactics Board - ASHC Members £30.00 and SH Members £40.

This can be used for visual learners of all ages/abilities to understand:

  • Team strategies
  • Movement off the Ball
  • Angles and Passing Patterns
  • Set Plays

It has a specialised circle overlay for coaching penalty corner attacking and defensive options.  Magnetic counters representing a ball, umpires and 2 teams.

This resource has been previously used by:

  • South Africa Olympic Team
  • Chinese Olympic Team
  • German Olympic Team
  • Scottish National Teams
  • Netherlands National Team
  • England National Team

Tactics Board


Goalkeeper CD Rom - ASHC Members £20.00 and SH Members £25

Goalkeeping Coaching Manual written by John Hurst and Helen Birch.

This covers all aspects of goalkeeping and provides numerous coaching points and skills practices that can be used for all levels of goalkeeper.

It is possible to print practices or watch and takes notes from various parts of the CD Rom.  Video footage is used to show good practice examples.