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Coach Education Workforce Model

The Coach Education Workforce Model has been implemented by the 'Hockey Coaching Strategy Group for Great Britain'.

This model is a simple guide to the skills, education and training required to deliver on the coach education programme, covering coach educators (tutors), assessors and internal verifiers.

The Coach Education Workforce Model is vital to achieve our vision for hockey in that we need a highly motivated and qualified education workforce to deliver coach education courses.


Benefits of the Coach Education Workforce Model

  • The model has been designed as a tool for potential and existing coach education workforce personnel.
  • It details the environment (Level 1, 2 or 3), experience, training and qualification standards required for each of the roles involved (Educator, Assessor, Verifier).
  • External qualification standards are continually being upgraded and with this model in place we would be able to respond with clarity and speed to make sure our workforce is adequately trained and qualified.

The model was developed in partnership with Scottish Hockey, England Hockey and Hockey Wales to be used as a checklist for employment or as a supporting tool for aspiring educators, assessors and internal verifiers.

It shows the potential pathways for each role and how the workforce is supported and developed when training has been attended.

View the Coach Education Workforce Model (.ppx)