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Volunteers play a hugely important role in hockey throughout Scotland and are the very life-blood of the sport. Volunteers provide invaluable support to clubs, schools, governing bodies, and sports organisations.

In hockey, you can volunteer in a number of different roles. Not only will you be learning new skills and making an important contribution to the sport, you will be making new friends too.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

All you need to become a volunteer is lots of enthusiasm and commitment. People of all ages and from all walks of life can volunteer too.

You can also choose to donate as much time as you can realistically give - any support is greatly recieved and makes a difference no matter what you do.

What does a volunteer do?

There are a wide variety of volunteer roles that you can undertake - club secretary, coach, official, social convenor, youth team organiser, kit person, club manager, event organiser, tournament director, committee , club fundraiser - and many more.

You may already have an idea of what you want to do as a volunteer, but if you don't - don't worry! There are plenty of opportunities to try something new and learn new skills as a volunteer.

How do I get involved as a volunteer?

You may want to help out your local hockey club, help at an event, or provide some assistance to youth clubs and schools.

If you wish to volunteer with Scottish Hockey, please contact us to register your interest in becoming a volunteer. We are always looking for volunteers and are grateful for the support.

If you wish to volunteer in a media capactity, please contact to register your interest. That could be in the form writing National round up and previews, video round ups, interviews, photography and any other ideas you may have.

If you want to volunteer at your local club, our website can help you search and find a club in your local area. Or simply contact your local club to find out about volunteering.

If you are a young adult aged 16-21 and are interested in learning new skills, the Youth Panel is a great way to use your interest in hockey to do so. Find out more about joining the Youth Panel.

If you would like more information about volunteering, or would like to register your interest in becoming a volunteer, please contact us


Volunteer Strategy – Volunteer Input Workshops
Scottish Hockey is in the process of developing a Volunteer Strategy to guide how the organisation recruits, supports and develops volunteers. It will also examine how Scottish Hockey can better support the wider hockey community in terms of working with volunteers.
As part of the process of creating the strategy, we are looking for input from current volunteers. The first stage is an online survey of members on their individual volunteering experiences. This can be accessed here [ ] and will be open until 31st January 2014.
The second stage is a series of Volunteer Input Workshops that will be taking place over the winter to allow us to get direct input from volunteers. The workshops will focus more on getting opinions on what the priorities should be for the national organisation and will take the form of discussion groups and brainstorming workshops.
The workshop dates are as follows:
Monday 25th November, 6.30-8pm @
Monday 2nd December, 6.30-8pm @ Glasgow National Hockey Centre
Monday 20th January, 6.30-8pm @ Hillhead Sports Complex, Aberdeen
Monday 27th January, 6.30-8pm @ Peffermill, Edinburgh
Please register to indicate your attendance at a workshop by clicking here. [ ]