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Welcome to the Clubs and Schools area, which is packed full of information for senior clubs, youth clubs, primary schools, and secondary schools.

Some of the most important relationships Scottish Hockey has established are with clubs, districts, and schools. They are affiliated members of Scottish Hockey and play a hugely important role in the sport.

How to become an affiliated member

All senior clubs, youth clubs, primary and secondary schools need to be affiliated members of Scottish Hockey to take part in senior and youth competitions organised by the governing body.

This also entitles your club or school to nominate club trustees for representation at the Scottish Hockey annual general meeting and/or youth forum.

Want to know about taking part in competitions?

Member clubs and schools can enter and play competitions organised by Scottish Hockey. Find out more about entering and participating in senior and youth competitions.

Your players also also need to be registered as members of Scottish Hockey to participate in competitions.

You can also find out about Scottish Hockey's competitions byelaws and regulations and contacting umpires about matches in which you are taking part and have nominated umpires for.

Find out more about support & resources for clubs & schools

We have information available on the club development page for helping to manage your club's activities.

Find out about opportunities for financial support on the funding for clubs page.

For clubs interested in increasing hockey participation for young people, read about how to start building and establishing a youth club.

All clubs with a youth section will need to consider safeguarding for young people and implementation of child protection policies and procedures.

Want to find out more?

Please contact us to find out more about support for clubs and schools.