University Accreditation Programme

21 December 2016

Scottish Hockey has launched a new University Accreditation Programme to ensure our university clubs have workforce development, strong governance and most importantly succession planning at the fore front of their minds with regard to club development.

The programme also ensures clubs are safe, well organised and efficient with a focus on community engagement and partnership working.

University of St Andrews has piloted the programme and has successfully achieved Silver Level Accreditation. The Director of Hockey along with the committed club volunteers have worked diligently over the last few months to ensure they fulfilled each of the criteria requirements.

Jamie Carnegie, Director of Hockey, said:

“The Scottish Hockey University Club Accreditation process has been a really useful tool for the club. As a University Club where there is a high turnover of members every year it can be difficult to get a joined up strategy and direction within the club. The accreditation process has helped the Committee to put their efforts towards improving the club with a vision which in turn will make it much easier for the yearly transition of students coming onto the committee. We have already seen some great benefits of the structure within the club through further growth in membership, on the pitch results across the club and also in our Junior Partnership with both Madras Men’s and Ladies Clubs in St Andrews.”

The next closing date for university clubs to achieve accreditation is Monday 27th March 2017. If you want more information on the programme or anything to do with club development please contact your local Regional Development Manager.


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